Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Giveaway: Sanita's Original Danish Clogs @ Just for Me...and You (12.29)

Just for Me...and You is giving away a pair of Sanita's Original Danish Clogs in your choice of style, color, and size!

This is intriguing to me, because I love me some Danskos, and my initial thought was...Hmm, these look like Danskos. Then I headed over to Sanita Clogs and found out that even the style names were the same as Danskos.

So I poked around, and found this explanation: Sanita used to make Dansko's clogs. Dansko has lately gone with other manufacturers. SO...if you've liked Dansko clogs in the past, you like Sanita's in the present. Good enough for me!

These clogs are honestly very well made. Every part of the shoe is thick and durable. I imagine that these shoes would last forever.

I will vouch that, even if they're looking worn, you can take a well-made pair of shoes like a Sanita clog to a cobbler (did you know they still exist? They do!) and have them refreshed or repaired.

Go to the site to read her husband's experience as a nurse in the professional version of these clogs. I know, style-wise, clunky clogs aren't for everyone, but I'm too much a fan of comfort to let pesky fashion get in the way. Ha ha! But, no, seriously, I think they're cute, and I always get compliments on them, at least here in Seattle, home of rain-appropriate, walking-ready footwear. I live in my Danskos, and I could really use a shiny new pair...so I'll take a new set of Sanita's, for free, please!

Enter fast at Just for Me...and You by Dec. 29.