Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Giveaway: Labyrinth Balance Board @ Paisley and Pretties (12.2)

Paisley and Pretties is giving away a Labyrinth Balance Board from Challenge & Fun!

This wooden toy is recommended for ages 5 and up (and up), so it would make an awesome gift for a niece (that's my idea if I win — after I try it out, of course!), nephew, young sibling, godchild, or older kid of your own. Or, I don't know, yourself!

It is both a game, a maze with marbles that you can use with varying degrees of difficulty, and an exercise board that challenges your core muscles.

True story: Sam and I once went to a science museum where they had a place where you could test how well your body did at different tasks, like strength, flexibility, and coordination. We both failed the balance test. Like, colossally failed. Didn't even place. And...then we realized we were doing it wrong! We were trying to make it too easy by holding onto a handle when we were supposed to let go!

So, a toy like this, which helps you learn to balance while having fun, would be perfect practice. It could maybe help Mikko grow up to be not such a klutz as his parents, see?

This high-quality toy costs, seriously, 80-85 bucks, so it's a really good deal to win one for FREE!!

Enter fast at Paisley and Pretties by Dec. 2.


Slee said...

Lmao. That's too funny. I'm totally. Unbalanced. I couldn't balance well enough to ride a bike until the age of 26. True story.

Lauren Wayne said...

Oh, I'm glad we're not the only ones! We actually had to find bikes with really wide tires to help us not tip over. It's funny, because I take ballet now and am (obviously) crap at it, particularly all that standing on tiptoes on one leg thing, but I think it actually has helped my balance. Which is why I imagine practicing on a balance board would have a positive effect!

Lauren Wayne said...

Wait. I can't resist sharing another embarrassing balance story. At 13, I broke my leg. When the cast came off, I went to physical therapy. The dr. had me stand on just my bad leg, with my eyes closed, and try to count as high as I could before I fell over. I made it to 1. Oh, dear, says the doc, it's wworse than I thought -- well, try the good leg to get a baseline. I balanced on my good leg. I got to 2.