Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Giveaway: TOTEaTOT @ Familylicious (12.1)

Familylicious Reviews is giving away a TOTEaTOT!

I can't even tell you how much I want to win this! It's so ingenious for anyone traveling with a baby or toddler. You hook the car seat and your carry-on together; your baby sits in the tilted-back car seat; and you wheel the whole thing together through the airport!

No more fumbling with separate everything: baby, bag, and bulky seat!

From the product site:

The TOTEaTOT is our solution to making air travel with small children easier.

Using your own rolling carry-on luggage and your child's own car seat, the TOTEaTOT connects them with just two strong, durable straps and two tough snaps in just seconds. Included is a built-in storage bag for holding items like diapers, bottles or other essentials.

No more juggling the carry-ons, the car seat, your child and more while racing to your gate. With the TOTEaTOT, you can pull all of this with one hand!

The TOTEaTOT allows you to easily transport your child's car seat through the airport, so that you may bring it aboard the airplane (recommended by the FAA for your child's safety and comfort). And there's no need to rent a costly car seat at your destination.

Enter fast at Familylicious by Dec. 1.