Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Giveaway: VTech Toys Jungle Gym @ MommyMandy (12.16)

MommyMandy is giving away a VTech Toys Jungle Gym bundle of four toys!

If you win, you get four VTech toys:

  1. Ride & Learn Giraffe Bike – ERP: $49.99 – Teaches toddlers (ages 18 – 36 months) letters, objects, numbers, animals and melodies through active play – the more kids pedal and bounce, the more they learn.
  2. Bouncing Colors Turtle – ERP: $29.99 - Kids will find new depths of basic skills by sitting on the Bouncing Colors Turtle and bouncing their way to developing gross motor skills and balance. Bouncing on the seat or shell of the turtle activates different colors to light up on the learning panel, teaching kids colors and shapes through its encouraging phrases, silly sounds and playful melodies.
  3. Monkey Moves Smart Seat – ERP: $29.99 – As little learners move the colorful monkey’s arms up and down, the seat’s buttons light up – helping them master colors and numbers.
  4. Twist & Learn Gorilla Pals – ERP: $14.99 - Tots will go ape over the Twist & Learn Gorilla Pals—a set of play dumbbells small and durable enough for their little hands. Tots will be entertained and learning for hours as the dumbbells encourage playful movement with their sound effects and melodies.

I'll be honest. When I first saw these toys, I thought: Will these four toys even fit in our little condo? And my second thought was about how plastic and colorful and loud it all is.

But then I thought about the loooong, rainy, cold winters, and the idea of having four ride-on, interactive toys in the house.... Well, it started looking astonishingly appealing.

I can take or leave the "educational" aspects, but if they hold my toddler's interest, well, that's worth something big right there!

I also don't think two-year-olds need bona fide exercise equipment, but...it's a fact that Sam and I are on the sedentary side, and Mikko's too young to run himself ragged all day. So I'll take any help I can get with burning off his energy, without exhausting myself!

So, if I win, I'll make room for it all. And we'll have some fun playing and exercising!

Enter fast at MommyMandy by Dec. 16.