Thursday, December 17, 2009

Giveaway: Zhu Zhu Pet @ babybix (12.17)

babybix is giving away a Zhu Zhu Pet!

If your kid is longing for a Zhu Zhu Pet, and you're feeling desperate this close to Christmas, enter this lightning giveaway for Num Nums.

I love that it's called Num Nums, because that's one of our affectionate terms for nursing! :)

You want one, your kid wants one, your friends’ kids want one, everyone wants ZhuZhu Pets right now! I was at Toys R Us, and was one of the lucky few to get one of these. Actually, we got TWO because my husband was able to get one too. So… that means one of my lucky readers is going to get a Num Nums (gray) Zhu Zhu Pet hamster! Yay!!

I thought that these just ran straight forwards in their little mazes that you can buy, but actually if you push the button on their back, they run around in random directions, and make cute noises. There is a sensor button in its nose, so it will back up and go in a different direction if it runs into anything. My dog (Chloe) wasn’t a huge fan, and I think Brandon enjoyed watching Chloe freak out more than he enjoyed the hamster itself. Haha. You can also push a button in its head to make it talk.

So there you have it. Either your kid or your pet or both will get a kick out of it!

Enter fast at babybix by Dec. 17.