Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Giveaway: I Cherish Planet Earth @ Paisley and Pretties (12.9)

Paisley and Pretties is giving away a copy of I Cherish Planet Earth!

This environmentally themed set includes:

"a game which pairs the age old delights of pair-matching with ecologically relevant affirmations, complete with colorful and delightful artwork and a story book 'A Love Letter to Our Planet.' It's fun, and encourages ecological thinking from an early age, and that's key to making green a way of thinking and acting as a native quality in our children, instead of having to deprogram them when they're older consumerists. Also, I Cherish Planet Earth has won the Dr. Toy 2009 Best Green Product award."

If you're trying to make this Christmas a simple, ecologically friendly one, this thoughtful game and book set would be a great addition under the tree!

Enter at Paisley and Pretties by Dec. 9.