Thursday, June 24, 2010

Amy Adele discount & sale on calling cards (50% off!)

Amy Adele lily of the valley calling card for blog

I have a post right now on Hobo Mama about Amy Adele's fabulous idea of calling cards for parents and children and, as far as I'm concerned, bloggers, as well!

When I was poking around Amy Adele for my review of children's stationery, I was seized by an idea. It wasn't, to be fair, my idea. It's Amy Adele's. But I love it, so I'm running with it.

Check out this action:

Playground Calling Card

Click over to read the full post and discover some ways you can use this calling card notion to your advantage as either a parent or a blogger.

Meanwhile, I wanted to be sure to blog right away with news of two HUGE, limited-time discounts you can take advantage of if you want to order your own cards from Amy Adele:
  • Calling cards are currently on sale for a whopping 50% off until this coming Sunday, June 27. That means they start at under $10 for 20, or just under $14 for 40, and the price gets cheaper and cheaper per item the higher the quantity. Order fast to take advantage of this incredible deal! I usually see 15% or 10% deals at Amy Adele — a 50% off is a whopper of a savings!
  • Typing in hobomama gets you 15% off your order. (I honestly don't know if the discounts combine or not, but you can try. ETA: They don't combine, but you can use this code if you're buying something else that's regular priced. Also, shipping is free over $50, which I forgot to mention!)

I was really truly pleased with the quality and high adorableness of the Amy Adele thank-you cards I received, so I know you'll appreciate the look and feel of the calling cards, as well as Amy Adele's commitment to being eco-friendly as a company.

Amy Adele has a whole section of calling cards categorized as "Distinct Designs" that is a selection of more adult-style drawings, such as a house, a palm tree, or simple floral accents, which would be perfect for more of a business-casual look or to use for gift tags, to announce a move, or to advertise a business such as an Etsy shop.

Amy Adele sunflowers calling card for blog

Check out Amy Adele's ideas or come up with your own, and enjoy!

Disclosure: Amy Adele links are affiliate links.
I did not receive any calling cards from the company
(and images with my URL are from the site's preview function),
but I thought it was an awesome idea when I was poking around
the site for my thank-you notes review and wanted to share it with you.
See my full disclosure policy here.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

WINNER: Smart Mom Jewelry Teething Bling Necklace from Posh Baby Boutique

Smart Mom Teething Bling nursing necklaceA big congratulations to the winner of the Smart Mom Jewelry Teething Bling Necklace from Posh Baby Boutique — #190!

Tina at The Making of a Modern Mommy

I love the cotton candy blue necklace! … I'd love to have the necklace because it's pretty and functional. My LO loves to hold my neckline or necklace while he nurses. He's not teething just yet but he still loves to put everything in his mouth! And how pretty!!

Posh Baby ClothesIf you were not the lucky Tina, you can find Smart Mom Teething Bling at Posh Baby Boutique at $19.99 for a pendant and cord necklace, $16.00 for a keychain, and $34.00 for a gift set that includes a necklace, two bangle bracelets, and a gift notecard (perfect for a unique baby shower gift!).

And remember to keep in touch with Stacy on Posh Trendy Blog, by signing up for the Posh Baby Boutique email newsletter, following @PoshBabyStore on Twitter, or liking Posh Baby Boutique on Facebook.

Thank you to everyone for entering! Be sure to keep an eye on my giveaway page for upcoming giveaways. There are some other fantastic ones right around the corner!

WINNER: SteamPotVille, by Steve Ouch — an imaginatively surreal children's picture book

Steve Ouch reads SteamPotVille children's bookA big congratulations to the winner of a copy of SteamPotVille, by Steve Ouch — #23!

Mikki at Inspector Parents

I like the vibrant pictures; my son would love staring at this I know it!

SteamPotVille by Steve Ouch children's bookIf you're not the lucky Mikki, remember you can still buy your own copy of SteamPotVille, by Steve Ouch, at, on sale right now for $10.85 and eligible for free Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25, or at your local bookseller. If you can't find it there, ask them to stock it!

And remember to keep in touch with Steve Ouch on his blog, the SteamPotVille website, Twitter, and Facebook.

Thank you to everyone for entering! Be sure to keep an eye on my giveaway page for upcoming giveaways. There are some other fantastic ones right around the corner!

Fluffdom Express at Happily Southern

One thing I love about entering giveaways is connecting with blogs (and parents!) that are naturally oriented.

J and his mother over at Happily Southern have wanted to use cloth diapers, but J is 40 pounds and has Down syndrome, so they figured there was nothing out there that would fit him and other special-needs kids. One Southern Girl was complaining about the lack on Twitter, which is always the way to do things, trust me!1

Less than a week later, a package arived. On the back it read, "you got fluffy mail! ♥ fancygrlnancy". Inside was a FuzziBunz Perfect Size Large in Baby Blue! I immediately put it on J after recovering my breath! His sigh as I stood him up made up our minds to cloth diaper him full time. As soon as we got the diapers!

So Happily Southern is launching an event to give away cloth diapers but more than that. The Fluffdom Express will be

geared to helping families of children with Special Needs find diapers for their child and helping families decide what diapers to use in a hospital setting!

Very cool, no?

Stay tuned for this August event. If you want to spread the news about the event as I've done, you'll get extra entries into the giveaway. If you tell Happily Southern I referred you, I get even more extra entries (pretty please and thank you!).

And if you're looking to build a fluff stash for bigger babies or children, this is good news!2

1 (No, seriously, it's gotten me a garden, sponsors, and tons of advice.)
2Mikko wasn't special needs, but he was large. We cloth diapered him till he was 23 months and 35+ pounds (see below for a visual of the adora-bulk). We had custom covers made by a WAHM on eBay, and we had that peculiar heartbreak of seeing a string of too-small cloth-diapering options pass us by and go back into the closet. :)
big baby in cloth diaper

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Review: Amy Adele Children's Stationery thank-you and photo cards

Swinging Boy Stationery

Amy Adele has got to have the cutest children's stationery in the world. Because of the enchanting designs, and the fact that the company is eco-conscious, and because it's run by a husband-and-wife team, I eagerly signed up to be an affiliate when I started my blog Hobo Mama.

Also, I lurve their ads, because they feature the same adorable drawings as the stationery, so that was a plus!

But Mikko was so young that I hadn't yet had an opportunity to try out any of the cute cards, invitations, or labels. I thought of it both as the type of stationery I'd have died for when I was a little girl and as the type of stationery I'd buy when Mikko was a little older.

Giraffe Flat Card Shark Stationery

Well! The affiliate manager contacted me, and I had the opportunity to review two items in Amy Adele's vast product line. The hard part was narrowing it down, of course!

I was really intrigued by the pre-printed thank-you cards with fill-in blanks, because we had a birthday coming up, Mikko's third. I love the idea of making thank-yous doable for kids, easy on parents, and still charming for the gift-giver (i.e., Grandma).

I also wanted to give the photo cards a try, both because I wanted to put Amy Adele's quality standards to the highest test I could devise (printing photos on cardstock can be very tricky, in terms of making sure the image is still sharp and vibrant), and because I just love my baby's cute face!

Fire Truck Photo Card Stationery Girl Monkey Photo Card Stationery

So here's a little picture diary of my order, my thoughts on the items, and how we put them to good use:

AmyAdele Children's Stationery thank-you card packaging bags and labels

Could you die for the cuteness of how the notes come packaged? The bags are reusable, and the packing peanuts are cornstarch that will dissolve in water — completely biodegradable.

The turnaround and shipping took, like, no time, and looking at the FAQ, I see they expect to get your custom cards printed within ONE business day. Then they ship out either Priority Mail or FedEx. Speedy delivery! Children's Stationery thank-you card taking out of bag

Of course, Mikko must inspect his "presents," which he says more like "peasants," which makes me think he has a lordship complex.

Amy Adele Children's Stationery thank-you card blank

Oh, the cute! Couldn't you die for those drawings of Amy's (yes, she's a real person and a mama of three little ones!)? We chose these mostly blank flat cards and used the site's brilliant suggestion of making a fill-in-the-blanks thank-you note. Don't you think that's ideal for beginning writers and antsy little gift recipients? You can completely customize:

  • the message
  • the font style
  • the font color
So it's really up to you! The fonts they offer are charming and let you set the tone of the card. There are flowery ones and more neutral ones, and they all mesh well with Amy's childlike drawings.

Amy Adele Children's Stationery thank-you photo card with child's name

Well, of course, I like the photo cards with my little guy's cute face on the front! But I was super impressed with the quality here. I intentionally ordered a photo card to make sure the photo printing was up to snuff, and it really was. It's hard to tell in a photo of a photo card, but the colors are deep and vibrant, and there was no bleeding into the cardstock. The cardstock itself has a quality feel and thickness.

Speaking of the cardstock, it's 100% post-consumer recycled paper. Seriously! Amy Adele is all about environmental responsibility. The paper is also acid free, chlorine free, made with 100% renewable energy, and procured through renewable forests. This is for all their stationery. Only the waterproof labels are made with polyester. Clothing is 100% cotton and made sweatshop-free in the USA.

Amy Adele Children's Stationery thank-you card toddler checking out picture

Mikko checks out his likeness. It passes muster.

The photo cards are standard folded notecards, with a blank interior to write messages. These would be ideal for older children to write their own thank-yous or just use for everyday correspondence.

Amy Adele Children's Stationery thank-you card toddler drawing

Then it was time to decorate. Mikko took this part seriously! He dictated what he wanted to say, and we did the writing, since he's a little young yet.

Amy Adele Children's Stationery thank-you card filled in and decorated

Here's what we ended up with.

Amy Adele Children's Stationery thank-you card envelope decorated

Don't forget to address the envelope!

Bottom line: I was expecting to like Amy Adele products, because the designs were so super cute and innovative. What I wasn't expecting was to love them so dang much. (Hey, don't say it, or I just might marry them!)

I'm beyond impressed with the quality (the cardstock, the printing), the fast turnaround (for personalized stationery, for crying out loud!), the environmentally friendly details (100% post-consumer recycled cardstock, biodegradable cornstarch packing peanuts), and how happy everyone has been to receive these cutie-patootie cards!


I have great news: Amy Adele is offering my readers a special discount till the end of the month (June 30, 2010). Just type in hobomama and receive 15% off your order. How cool is that!

Fairy Photo Card Invitation African American Mom's Baby Shower Invitation-Neutral

So go to, and find the styles and products you like.

Amy Adele carries a wide and uniformly adorable selection of products for boys, girls, babies, and teens and adults, too:
    Bugs Label
  • notecards
  • flat cards
  • thank-you notes
  • birth announcements
  • Arts and Crafts Waterproof Label
  • baby shower or birthday party invitations
  • baptism cards
  • moving announcements
  • waterproof labels
  • address labels
  • Playground Calling Card
  • calling cards (how chic for your little one!)
  • graduation announcements and thank-yous
  • recipe cards
  • even t-shirts and onesies

The prices start at around $18.95 for 10 flat cards ($16.11 with the "hobomama" discount), which is approximately $1.90 ($1.61) per card, but once you start increasing the quantity, the per-card price keeps dropping. For instance, 50 cards is $49.95 (or $42.46 with the 15% off), which is down to under $1.00 per card ($0.85 with the coupon code).

So it's nice, because you can choose a smaller quantity (10 or 15) if you want a variety of designs (such as for an assortment of calling cards or notecards), or you could save money by getting a larger quantity of one design in particular (such as for party invitations, announcements, or baby-gift thank-yous).

Kitchen Bowls Recipe Card Graduation Cap Photo Card Invitation

All mailing card prices include envelopes, and you can have your envelopes personalized with your return address for a small fee.

Amy Adele has regular sales, so you can always catch a bargain there, too. Just check the sale section for the current deals. And don't forget to use the "hobomama" discount if you order this month for 15% off any order!

Girl's Big Sister T-shirt Baby's Happy Daisy T-shirt

You can receive FREE Priority Mail shipping if your order totals $50 or more; otherwise, it is a flat rate of $7.49. You can also choose FedEx 2-day service.

I can vouch that the turnaround and shipping are incredibly speedy. Not even joking, but they strive to get orders printed within ONE business day of your order, and then send it Priority Mail or FedEx, which takes only another 2-3 days. This means, if you're a procrastinator like me, you actually can wait till the last second (OK, week) to order personalized cards!

Kate's Pink Butterfly Photo Card Baby AnnouncementFor items like birth announcements, they have the useful service of letting you pre-order envelopes so you can get the addressing done before the baby's born (when you have time and free hands!). Then you can go back and update the announcements with the birth stats, name, and photo as desired. Smart, huh?

You can submit special requests for an additional fee, such as color changes (e.g., hair or skin), additional lines of type, or custom artwork specially drawn for you and your child. What you request might even end up in the Amy Adele rotation!

Amy Adele offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so there's no risk to trying them out.

So there you have it. Amy Adele's designs are delightful, the prices are reasonable, the website's easy to navigate and use, the shipping is super fast, and the quality is remarkable.

And your children will charm the socks off all their correspondents!

Boy's or Girl's Laundry Stationery

P.S. See my companion piece on writing thank-you notes with babies, toddlers, and beginning writers at Hobo Mama.

Disclosure: I believe I made this abundantly clear,
but I am an Amy Adele affiliate, so links are affiliate links.
I received the two products mentioned for free to review.
I try to seek out only products I think you would find
relevant and useful to your life as a natural parent.
If I don't like a product, I won't be recommending it to you.
That's how I roll. See my full disclosure policy here.