Friday, December 20, 2013

Little Pim: 30% off language learning digital downloads!

Hobo Mama wants you to know she's a professional blogger! Look at how professional she's being!

Little Pim is offering a great deal on digital downloads, perfect for last-minute gifting!

30% Off all digital products!
This sale starts on 12/20
and runs through 12/31.

Look for the code on the site!

Little Pim offers an Entertainment Immersion Method to make learning a foreign language fun for kids 0-6. Little Pim the panda guides kids through immersion DVDs in one of 11 languages, giving children useful vocabulary and simple, grammatically correct sentences for everyday living, on topics such as Eating and Drinking; Playtime; In My Home; Happy, Sad, and Silly; and more.

Little Pim products are available in Spanish, Chinese, French, English (ESL), German, Italian, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, and Hebrew. You can buy digital downloads of titles individually or in sets.

These digital downloads and sets would be a welcome gift for a family interested in learning a language — perhaps a family where the parents are multilingual themselves, or a homeschooling family wanting to add a fun foreign-language element to the curriculum.

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