Friday, December 11, 2009

Giveaway: Sodastream Fountain Jet @ News Around the Blogs (12.12)

I found another great giveaway site, and just in time, too! News Around the Blogs is giving away a Sodastream Fountain jet home soda maker!

I really have been wanting one of these soda machines for some time. Using just CO2 cartridges and flavoring, it transforms tap water into yummy sodas, including colas, diet drinks, and lots of popular flavors. The best parts to me are that the regular sodas don't have high fructose corn syrup, and the diets don't have aspartame. We've been trying to cut down on our soda consumption here because we felt like we were being a bad influence for our 2-year-old, but it's so hard, because I hate water. There, I said it. What I wouldn't give for a machine that makes soda a little cheaper, a little better for us, and a whole lot more fun!

Soda Stream is a smarter way to enjoy soda! Turn tap water into soda in 30 seconds. Not only can you make your own soda and reuse your water bottles, you can customize your soda by using a variety of flavors. I received a Soda Stream Fountain Jet. They Fountains come in either white, black/silver, or red. It fits so nicely in the small corner of your kitchen. Not only can you make soda you can also make Sparkling water! You control the fizziess. You can have a light carbonated water or a super seltzer. You can even have a lightly flavored water. How great!

Enter fast at News Around the Blogs by Dec. 12.