Friday, December 18, 2009

Giveaway: Breastfeeding Week nursing clothing & books @ a modern mom's only time is naptime (12.18)

Mama Knows Breast: A Beginner's Guide to BreastfeedingIt's Breastfeeding Week at a modern mom's only time is naptime, and she's got several great nursing-related giveaways ending today!

I'm really interested in trying out some of the alternative nursing cover-up/cami options out there. I'm not a fan of the blanket or awning styles of cover-ups. If it's what a mother needs to feel comfortable nursing at all, then yes, please, use one rather than not. But I think they send the wrong message about breastfeeding. It's not something that needs to be covered up, and I'd hate for other women (like me) to be considered "indiscreet" if we don't use a cover, if covering becomes the norm. I also don't think it's possible to cover every baby or every age of a baby. I'm breastfeeding a toddler, and I'll tell you right now he wouldn't stand for a blanket over his head, except for a game of flash the boob!

So...I was intrigued by Baby Bond. It's a cover that covers you rather than the baby. The Couture version can be worn as a sort of sash, or as a belly band, depending on whether you want to pull up or down your top. I'd like to try this one out and see how fiddly it is. I'm still lazy enough that I'll probably stick with just using my hand to shield any blazing-white boobage that peeps out, but I like that this cover might be a confidence booster for women who don't feel comfortable revealing any skin, but who don't want to cover up their baby while feeding.

The other item that is interesting is the Undercover Mama Nursing Shirt. It clips onto any nursing bra, so that when you pull down your flap, the cami flap goes along. This would be useful as a more discreet form of nursing only if you're pulling up your shirt to nurse. Either way, though, the long length acts as a nice layer and will help keep your tummy covered, which I'm all for!

And, as a large-busted nursing mama, I've been on the lookout (and so have my commenters — thanks!) for nursing tanks that work well with large (or, actually, small too!) breasts and your own, supportive bra. Skinies is a great one I got to review, and Modest Middles is one I stumbled across. This looks like another that would fit the bill.

The Blush Topless Undershirt is a belly band that can be used as a layering piece; a way to nurse discreetly by, again, keeping your tummy and back covered; or as a maternity band to help keep your pants up and your belly covered during pregnancy.

So head on over today and check out Lorina's blog and all the other items she has up for review and giveaway. Lorina's pro-breastfeeding and pro-babywearing, so I know you'll enjoy poking around as much as I did!

Enter fast at a modern mom's only time is naptime by Dec. 18.