Monday, December 14, 2009

Giveaway: Mrs. Smith's Diaper Bag @ Connected2Christ (12.15)

Connected2Christ is giving away a Mrs. Smith's Diaper Bag!

I've been hoping to score a super-cute bag. I'll be honest and say it's more to carry my laptop than diapers, since Mikko's potty trained. Now, our current diaper bag is tattered, so I would need a new one should we decide to reproduce in the future. So I figure this cutie-patootie will fulfill both functions.

What’s a mom to do? Well, I have to thank Rachael Smith, a mother 2 whom has had plenty of her own diaper bag experiences. She couldn’t find a solution, so she came up with her own very line of diaper bags called Mrs. Smith Diaper bags. An awesome line of fashionable and functional bags if I do say so myself!

You have to click over to see the fascinating organizational features of the Mrs. Smith's bags, such as a removable snack/toy drawer, and the adorable prints available. They also have straight-up black if you're a basics kind of mama (or papa!).

Enter fast at Connected2Christ by Dec. 15.