Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Giveaway: Crazy Forts @ Born 2 Impress (12.24)

Born 2 Impress is giving away a Crazy Forts set!

How cute are these fort sets!

It's a series of plastic bars and plastic balls with holes in them that the bars snap into. You can arrange them into a series of different formations with help from the included blueprints, such as a castle, an igloo, or a tunnel.

Then just add bedsheets and blankets for an old-fashioned but really easy fort! It's simpler than moving the furniture around – and more convenient to take down when your kids (and you!) are done playing.

There are two things that kids of all ages love and that is putting things together and having their own hiding place or a little fort. I can tell you that the ladybug has had a hiding spot ever since she started to crawl( underneath the right hand side coffee table). But since she is getting bigger I thought after a couple of boo boos on her head, that is was time to look for a better alternative.

I found a way were she can create and have her own little space. Crazy Forts are a really fun way to exercise kid’s desire of putting things together and having their own little space.

Enter fast at Born 2 Impress by Dec. 24.