Monday, December 14, 2009

Giveaway: Zebra Pens @ Connected2Christ (12.16)

Connected2Christ is giving away a stocking full of assorted Zebra Pens!

At first I saw the title of the giveaway and thought: a pen? Would I take the time to enter for a pen?

But, no, my friends, it is a stocking full of pens.

I love pens! I'm a writer, after all. And the ones Connected2Christ reviewed sound sweet. And Zebra doesn't make just pens, but mechanical pencils, highlighters, and corrector pens as well.

Our company is as unique as the products we sell. Our mission, “To Create Users”, requires the commitment of all employees and drives us to challenge ourselves, to listen to our customers, and to deliver a promise of quality, value and innovation. Our parent company, founded in 1897, has long upheld the quality, value and innovation standards that we follow to this day.

Enter at Connected2Christ by Dec. 16.