Friday, November 26, 2010

10% off & free shipping on pajamas at has a weird name, but what it also has is fun sleepwear for the whole family, plus other cozy things like undies, robes, and slippers. I don't know about you, but new PJs or a nightgown were de rigueur for us kids to open on Christmas Eve, and Sam and I still appreciate getting new, comfy ones.

If you shop this weekend, you can get a great deal: 10% off orders of $40 or more, plus FREE domestic ground shipping!

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Fun Sleepwear for the Whole Family!
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I have a concern about flame-resistant chemicals added to some children's sleepwear, but I of course also have concerns about flammable sleepwear. I was pleased to read's healthy take on the issue:

Children’s sleepwear sold in the U.S. is subject to flammability requirements set forth by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Adult sleepwear is not subject to these requirements. … It means that children’s footed pajamas (in sizes larger than 9 months and up to a size 14) must be flame resistant or snug fitting. The kids footed pajamas that we sell are loose fitting and therefore must be flame resistant. The footed pajamas for kids that we sell are made of polyester, which is flame resistant. There are flame resistant cotton fabrics on the market, but we don’t sell footed pajamas made of this material.

In other words, the footed PJs and other loose-fitting children's styles are made of polyester
alone, which is naturally flame-resistant (and I use the term "naturally" loosely, considering polyester is a manmade material!). The snug-fitting and non-footed varieties are generally 100% cotton and therefore carry the warning "must be snug fitting." The upshot is, there shouldn't be harmful chemicals in any of the kids' PJs for sale here. If you have concerns or want a natural fabric, look for (non-footed) styles that say "100% cotton" and "snug fitting" or contact customer service to confirm there are no added chemicals in the styles that interest you.

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