Monday, August 16, 2010

WINNER: Libre Tea Glass'n Poly

A big congratulations to the winner of the Libre tea glass giveaway — #141!

Jenny at Babyfingers

Jenny says she's going to use it for her favorite morning tea:
I'd use it for red raspberry leaf tea in the mornings, hopefully before the kids wake up--and I've been meaning to branch out a little and find some other good teas to drink, too.

If you were not the lucky Jenny, you can find the Libre tea glass'n poly and glass'n glass at selection #141 for Libre tea giveaway Hobo Mama at $24.00 and $25.00 respectively.

Libre Tea ships glasses easily to the U.S. and Canada from warehouses located in each country, and you can contact by email for other international shipping quotes. If you are in British Columbia, Alberta, or Ontario, Canada, you can also find the Libre at several retail locations, and there is a distributing company within the U.S. and Canada so it might be at a local tea or natural shop near you.

Libre tea logoAnd remember to keep in touch with the gracious folks at Libre on Libre Tea's blog, @libretea on Twitter, and the Libre Tea Facebook page, where you can post pictures of yourself sipping serenely from your Libre tea glass as you're out somewhere marvelous.

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