Thursday, August 12, 2010

Libre Tea Glass giveaway ends tonight, and the benefits of tea!

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The Libre tea glass'n poly is the solution for tea drinkers everywhere.

And if you don't drink tea, you should consider it. Here are the benefits of loose-leaf tea, from the Libre site:

  • Loose leaf tea provides the greatest flavour and value, while producing the smallest eco-footprint. Unlike ‘bagged’ tea, loose leaf tea is sold by weight, requires minimal packaging, is easy to dispose of and is biodegradable. With its bags, boxes and plastic wrappers, bagged tea requires resources for packaging and generates a great deal more waste.
  • Bagged tea is often made from the tea dust or ‘fannings’ of the loose leaf tea production, resulting in a brew that is much less flavorful than loose leaf tea.
  • Recently ‘pyramid’ shaped and bio-degradable tea bags for whole leaf teas have been introduced for higher quality flavour. The cost of these bags, however, is significantly higher than the 2 to 3 grams of bulk loose leaf tea required for every cup.
  • Tea is a source of antioxidants for the maintenance of good health, helpful in enhancing alertness, and helpful in maintaining cardiovascular health.
    • All teas are rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants are essential in repairing the cells in our bodies. Green tea contains particularly high levels of antioxidants – specifically, polyphenols. A Boston Tufts University study from 1996 concluded that one cup of green tea has the equivalent level of antioxidants to 22 vegetables.
    • Some antioxidants found in teas are called catechins, which increase the antioxidization of the blood. Like all antioxidants, they battle free radicals and repair damaged cells within the body, thus reducing the risk of heart disease and stokes, and slowing down the aging process.
    • The caffeine content in tea is released at about half the rate that it is released in coffee. There is no strong jolt, so it is less taxing to the nervous system. The caffeine in tea produces a gradual increase in alertness over a few hours, as opposed to the ‘crash’ that often occurs soon after coffee consumption.

So now you know why you should drink tea. The Libre tea glass'n poly provides the how.

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