Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Serene back-to-school shopping at Tea Collection

Do you have any back-to-school clothing to buy?

I want to tell you a funny story. My mom's birthday is in August, and every year for her birthday, she would get school clothes as her presents. Oh! How lovely!

It took her many, many years to catch on that her sister, whose birthday was during the school year, also received new school clothes at the same time. Sneaky, frugal grandparents!

If your kidlets have grown a foot over the summer the way mine seems to have (how do they do that!), you'll want some cute new clothes to outfit them on their way into the fall, whether they're heading off to school or not.

I want to introduce you to a shop called the Tea Collection. I just discovered this store, and I can't get over how gorgeous it is. The catalog pictures are the kind you want to just fall right into.

Their children’s collection includes adorable jackets, sweaters, pants, knit tops, and scarves that are not only modern and wearable, but also are inspired by cultures around the world. The tag line on the site is "for little citizens of the world," and I really like how the collection takes its cues from various traditional clothing.

"We want to bring the beauty found in cultures around the world into the lives and homes of families in our own backyard. We believe that if the foreign is familiar – it is no longer foreign. It helps us remember that we all more alike than we are different.

"We design lifestyle collections that introduce a subtle, but important global perspective: colors, textiles, or silhouettes that are undeniably beautiful. In that beauty, we can all find a common ground of respect, awe and inspiration."

The beautiful Folk Flower Banded Dress is 100% cotton, machine washable and the print is inspired by Hungarian painted furniture. I particularly appreciate that there's a special section of school dresses that are all under $30!

For boys, the Old Land Button-up Shirt is definitely a staple item for the back-to-school season. This stylish striped shirt is 100% cotton, machine washable and inspired by the rugged workwear commonly worn in the Hungarian countryside.

I also love the kid’s book Going to School in India. Captivating photographs and an engaging story tell the tales of real children going to school across this vibrant and exciting country. This book is a great way to get your special students excited about the upcoming school year. Best of all, proceeds from the book sales benefit the Global Fund for Children!

Tea Collection has clothing for babies and women as well. Even if you and your baby aren't going back to school, there's nothing that says you can't buy some new pretty things, too!

Tea Collection is offering FREE SHIPPING for ALL ORDERS till August 12, so shop now to grab the best deal! Tea Collection always offers free shipping on orders over $150.

Disclosure: I am a Tea Collection affiliate.
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