Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fluffdom Express at Happily Southern

One thing I love about entering giveaways is connecting with blogs (and parents!) that are naturally oriented.

J and his mother over at Happily Southern have wanted to use cloth diapers, but J is 40 pounds and has Down syndrome, so they figured there was nothing out there that would fit him and other special-needs kids. One Southern Girl was complaining about the lack on Twitter, which is always the way to do things, trust me!1

Less than a week later, a package arived. On the back it read, "you got fluffy mail! ♥ fancygrlnancy". Inside was a FuzziBunz Perfect Size Large in Baby Blue! I immediately put it on J after recovering my breath! His sigh as I stood him up made up our minds to cloth diaper him full time. As soon as we got the diapers!

So Happily Southern is launching an event to give away cloth diapers but more than that. The Fluffdom Express will be

geared to helping families of children with Special Needs find diapers for their child and helping families decide what diapers to use in a hospital setting!

Very cool, no?

Stay tuned for this August event. If you want to spread the news about the event as I've done, you'll get extra entries into the giveaway. If you tell Happily Southern I referred you, I get even more extra entries (pretty please and thank you!).

And if you're looking to build a fluff stash for bigger babies or children, this is good news!2

1 (No, seriously, it's gotten me a garden, sponsors, and tons of advice.)
2Mikko wasn't special needs, but he was large. We cloth diapered him till he was 23 months and 35+ pounds (see below for a visual of the adora-bulk). We had custom covers made by a WAHM on eBay, and we had that peculiar heartbreak of seeing a string of too-small cloth-diapering options pass us by and go back into the closet. :)
big baby in cloth diaper


Missy said...

well this comment isnt exactly related, but i really really *REALLY* want to cloth diaper this time around. i can hardly find any good info on cloth diapering (and mostly the laundering) when you live in an apartment. i know you used a diaper service, but am hoping you might have some useful info that you've heard from others? am i going to be spending a fortune in quarters every week?

Susan Payton said...

Gee as an old lady here, I don't know if I can be of any help. My sons are 36 and 39. Believe it or not and I am sure it sounds like I am absolutely ancient, but they did have cloth diapers when my kids were little. With my first, well we couldn't afford it, so I used cloth diapers. When my second one came around I could afford it, but he was allergic to them. So it was cloth diapers again. They had what they called diaper pails. It is not all sweetness and light with cloth diapers, but it is eco friendly, and I believe more comfortable on baby, but most probably more work on Mom. When you changed a pee pee diaper, you could just put it in the diaper pail. Oh yes, there was a solution you put in the diaper pail along with water. Poppy ones, well you had to dip them in the toilet and clean the out and then they too went in the diaper pail.
When you are ready to wash the diapers, you put on your rubber gloves, and wring them out and put them in the washer. Then you take the dirty diaper pail water and flush it, and put new fresh water with the solution in the diaper pail.
Of course then you wash, dry and fold. As your baby grows you fold a little differently so it fits properly. For boys the heavier part is in the front, for boys the fold is in the back. Then of course their was rubber pants. It's all I ever knew so I guess my circumstance saved the economy some. I will have to reasearch whether the disposable diapers hurt the environment like plastic bags do. That might be something note worthy to put on my going green blog.
Well I hope I have been some help.

One Southern Girl said...

Lauren, thanks so much for sharing about the event and grabbing the button! I really appreciate it!

Missy, there are a couple families who use cloth diapers in an apartment... ( The link is for a blog I found awhile back, they use to live in an apartment and they also cloth diaper their little boy. She might have some great suggestions for you.

Lauren Wayne said...

Thanks for commenting, everyone!

Missy: I did a bunch of research into washing cloth diapers in an apartment or with a laundromat when I was first considering cloth diapers, so I'll try to round it all up again and do a whole post. We got a one-month gift certificate to the diaper service, and then there was no turning back. :) But, yes, doing laundry in communal machines or in an apartment-friendly machine is possible, with a few modifications.

Lauren Wayne said...

Finally, finally, here's the post on doing cloth diaper laundry in an apartment:

Hope it's helpful! It only took me since June to write…