Thursday, May 31, 2012

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I had a chance to review the new Baby Orajel Naturals homeopathic teething remedy on my (now) eight-tooth wonder of a baby.

Since I know how much tooth pain can hurt (boy howdy!), I want to make sure he's comfortable as he cuts all these new chompers.

Baby Orajel Naturals Teething Tablets

bottle and box — Baby Orajel Naturals Tablets giveaway

So I was happy to try out the new Baby Orajel Naturals Teething Tablets with Alrik. I had thought we would be getting a numbing gel, but the tablets we got are actually a homeopathic treatment. Baby Orajel is a well-established brand (#1 for teething), and this is their first foray into homeopathy. I'm glad the bigger companies are getting on board with natural remedies.

Using Chamomilla as one of its key ingredients, Baby Orajel Naturals Teething Tablets are belladonna-free, benzocaine-free, dye-free, alcohol-free and paraben-free.

tablets in cap — Baby Orajel Naturals Tablets giveaway

The three ingredients with their purpose:

  • Calcarea phosphorica, 3x HPUS — supports dentition
  • Coffea cruda, 3x HPUS — wakefulness and diuresis
  • Chamomilla, 3x HPUS — irritability
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