Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hobo Mama Giveaway: Trunki kids suitcase from Melissa & Doug = 2 winners! $76 {7.8; US/Can} CLOSED

Have Kids Will Travel special giveaway event at Hobo Mama ReviewsHAVE KIDS, WILL TRAVEL special event: I've been featuring a selection of special travel-related items for review that should make your next family vacation even more enjoyable! Today's giveaway is of a fun, kid-friendly suitcase that I've had my eye on for awhile.

Melissa & Doug are promoting fun and happy family travel for this upcoming holiday weekend. To celebrate they're offering my readers a chance to win one of TWO Trunki kids suitcases in the winner's choice of color, along with a saddlebag, tote bag, and 3 packs of decorative stickers — a $76 value!

The contest closes July 8, so enter soon!

I love the look of the Trunki suitcases and have long wanted one for travel with Mikko. You can see from the picture that they're fun colors and the perfect size for kids to pack their own belongings.

But the kicker is that kids can ride on them. You can pull the suitcase along the normal way (as a suitcase on wheels), or you can have your kidlet sit on it and pull both along behind you. No more dragging a tired toddler through an airport — or chasing a wired one! As someone whose families live across the country, I think this suitcase is a brilliant invention for family travel with the toddler through preschool crowd.

Honestly, I'd wanted to get Mikko a child-size suitcase on our last trip — but the idea of lugging his suitcase plus him when he got tired of pulling it himself (which would be, I estimated, about five minutes into the trip) put me off the idea. So getting a ride-on toy combined with a suitcase? Score.

Here's a little video for you:

Unfortunately, I don't yet have a Trunki, so I can't do a proper review for you. However, you can enter to win one of the two Melissa & Doug are giving away right here, and then we can try it out together!

From what I've seen of the Trunki, here's what I expect of it (forgive the speculative nature!):
  • Mikko gets to take ownership of the trip by packing his own things (with help as needed, of course) and choosing what to bring. He can even pop special carry-on items into the saddlebag.
  • Along the same line, Mikko can feel like one of "us" by having his own special suitcase.
  • There's a strap inside to help keep things contained. Plus, the tote bag attaches securely inside the Trunki or can be carried separately. I expect there to be a jumble of random toys if kids are allowed to pack for themselves!
  • The suitcase looks sturdy enough to be checked, but it's small enough to be a carry-on.
  • Mikko can ride on it and let us pull the strap if he needs a walking break, he can scoot along under his own steam (good for using up energy during antsy-pants times!), or he can pull it himself to be just like us.
  • I really like that it carries up to 100 pounds. It could be used even for two little kids at a go.
  • One of my fears of pulling it along is that there doesn't seem to be a natural place for Mikko to rest his feet. I could be wrong there — I'm just going from the pictures and video. I'd think his legs would get tired after awhile without "stirrups" or a footrest.
  • I also hope it's stable enough and doesn't tip over when being pulled. Tossing off your toddler would be a bummer. It looks low enough to the ground that I imagine it won't be a problem.
  • The bright colors are a hoot.
  • The price ($39.99) seems reasonable for a suitcase. I'm always shocked at how much adult luggage costs. And all adults usually get is boring colors with no ride-on capabilities!

So we'll see! I'm excited to try ours out. Enter today to try to win your own!


The Trunki child suitcase retails for $39.99 on or on Amazon.

Features of the Trunki include a tow strap, carry handles, secure catches, integrated wheels, and stabilizers to prevent toppling over. Holds up to 100 lbs.

The saddlebags, tote bags, and stickers are sold separately. Kids can decorate the Trunki with funny animal faces, letters to spell out their name, or destination declarations. The saddlebag is both a seat and extra storage for those important items. The tote bag secures inside the Trunki for help in containment, and can be pulled out for easy access to toys and games for the trip.


For your own chance to win ONE of TWO prizes of a Trunki suitcase in winner's choice of color, saddlebag, tote bag, and 3 packs of stickers, enter by filling out the contest form at this link! Contest is open to U.S. & Canadian mailing addresses.

You will receive a confirmation of your entry, so be sure to use a working email address. Your address will be used for communications regarding this promotion unless you opt into the Treasured Toy & Birthday Club on the entry form. Official Rules are here, and Privacy Policy is here.

Because the contest has a fast turnaround and ends July 8, be sure to enter right away!

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  • Contest open to legal residents of the 50 United States, the District of Columbia, or Canada who are at least 18 years of age at time of entry. Void where prohibited.
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Contest closes July 8 at 11:59 p.m. ET

Disclosure: Melissa & Doug have offered Mikko a free Trunki,
saddlebag, tote bag, and stickers
for my participation in this contest promotion.
I haven't yet tested the Trunki for review.
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