Saturday, June 4, 2011

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I'm on my babymoon, so thank you all for writing this post for me. I'm cross-posting it here from Hobo Mama.

Thanks to Amy for the photo, to Mikko for assisting the midwives in their measurements,
& to Alrik for the terrifically large belly!

I'm so glad I made this the mandatory question on my giveaway of Ina May Gaskin's newest book (which ends in 2 days!):

Tell me something you like about midwives.

It's been a midwifery love-fest, and I'll share a selection of the responses with you here. You can also check out my post of the "Top 10 reasons to choose midwifery care" for my own take on the topic.

[Note: I'll be crediting the entrants according to how they have identified themselves. If anyone wants to be taken out of this list or anonymized further, let me know! The emphases are added by me for funkiness.]

I love midwives because they trust women's bodies! They know that birth is a natural process and they are there to facilitate that natural process, not to interfere with needless interventions! — cates

I love that my midwives took the time to sit down and talk with me. I also LOVED that they came to my house to do the first few post-natal visits! — Hippie Housewife

My homebirth was made possible (and amazing) by my midwives Amanda and Jamie. They were so calm and that made me calm. They were so supportive and we just let my body do the work! I am so blessed by the experience-- and a healthy baby boy (now 9 months!) I love Ina May -- have her two Guides and would love this one! Her stories inspire and let us know that birth, just, is. — Amy

What I love about midwives is that they LISTEN to both what the mother is saying and what her body is feeling. We need more OBs to have this approach, that women in labor are WOMEN and not just patients. — Julisuz

What's not to like about a midwife? I love that my midwife spends as much time with me as I need at each appointment, I love that she trusts my body, I love that during my daughter's birth she left me alone with my partner to birth in privacy the way I needed to until it was time for me to push and her to catch my daughter and encouraging me the whole time, I loved that my midwife never checked my progress to see how dilated or what not I was during labor. I could keep going... — Carrie V

I love that midwives view birth as a normal event and not a medical emergency waiting to happen. — Staci

I'm the proud mama of a 19-month-old boy who was born at home, with a midwife and a doula. The thing I love most about midwives is the time they invest in you! In this day and age of rushed medical appointments, it was a luxury and a joy to spend an hour or more at each midwife visit. Sometimes I had lots of questions or we had important things to discuss, sometimes we just talked. It was wonderful! — allana

Okay so I have to say just ONE thing I love about midwives?! I love that midwives trust the mother's ability to bring her baby into the world and understand the most basics of mammals birthing their babies. They know that mothers need cool, quiet places where they feel protected and loved. They know that birth isn't just a physical event but an emotional and mental and spiritual journey! — Joy@WhenDoesDaddyComeHome

What do I love about midwives - well EVERYTHING! The one on one care during my pregnancy was priceless. — Justine
I love that midwives (most of them) fight for our right to birth as we choose. — FreeIndeed

I love so many things about midwifes. Particularly that they spend countless, selfless hours assisting woman in one of the most powerful, life changing events mostly for the love of it. — Jessica

I love that midwives help women trust in their bodies, and that they do not lean on common interventions used in hospitals (epidural, forceps, etc.) I also love that they support birthing in whatever position is comfortable for the mother! — Manager to Mom

I love that midwives will exhaust the least invasive interventions before they resort to interventions that are more risky. I'm so grateful for the midwife that delivered my son! I swear she saved me from a c-section!!! — Lisa C

One thing I love about midwives - No sitting on an uncomfy, intimidating exam table for appointments! — barefootbeauty

I love midwives for so many reasons. I love that they really get to know you and they take all the time you need in a visit and don’t rush things. It’s so important to feel like you’re really being listened to, especially when pregnant. — Brenna

What I like about midwives (well, my midwife at least) is that her priority is for my baby and me to have our best possible birth experience. She doesn’t make decisions based on what’s easier for her. She’s a friend I can trust. Also, I have her cell phone number and can call her anytime. — Jenny

I like that they listen to your questions. With doctors I always feel like I’m ushered out of the door way too quickly. — Miranda

Midwives are comfortable people to be around. I have yet to meet one that forces her (and sometimes his!) views on others. They are teachers who know better than to push the learner toward information they are not ready for. — Alicia C.

I think what I love most about midwives are their stories. — Lisa Roberge

What I LOVED about my midwife is that she had complete faith in my ability to give birth naturally. She just sat back and let me do what felt right. Her faith in me boosted my confidence in myself and helped me have such an amazing birth! I love my midwife! — Megan

What do I love about midwives? In my experience, their loving and supportive, ‘hands off’ approach. I feel blessed that here in the UK I was assigned a midwife under the national healthcare service (NHS) and I could not have asked for a more supportive and dedicated midwife attending my daughter’s homebirth. Hip Hip Hooray for Midwives x — Kate D

I love midwives because they are passionate about birth, it’s not just a job. — Julie Bartlett

What I love about midwives is that they are there for the babies and mothers… no other reason. — Christine

You can read even more responses on the giveaway post!

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