Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Looking for giveaway sponsors: quick for now & travel-themed for later!

I'm looking for a couple sponsors for a current giveaway and a future travel-themed giveaway event. If you fit into one of the categories below or want to point me toward a company, let me know: mail {at} HoboMama.com Thanks!
  • A quick-turnaround giveaway for right now: I'd prefer to have one more giveaway going on right now, but it needs to be fast. It could be for a product I've already used and liked, or it could be for something I have no way of testing at the moment (cloth diaper, maternity wear) but that someone I trust vouches for. Do you have such a product you would like to give away and receive bountiful (yes, I said it! Bountiful!) promotion of your company in return?
  • Travel-related giveaways for the fall: We are taking our first plane ride in over two years this summer. I'm nervous about how our (then) 3-year-old will do, so I'm looking forward to bringing along some travel products that might help smooth our way. I would then like to do a giveaway event in anticipation of the holiday travel season of the products that made our trip easier. I'd prefer companies and products that are natural, handmade, or otherwise unique. In all cases, they must support (as in, not work against) natural parenting. I have about 3 million ideas, but I thought I'd throw it open in case you have a product or business that would be perfect for this theme, or if you are a reader with ideas of products you'd like to see reviewed. Here are some of my ideas:
    • Cloth mei tai or similar soft carrier that's easily packable, convenient to take on baby sleeping in mei tai carrier in the airportand off (or pop the baby out), and has no metal to set off alarms (you know, in case security actually lets you wear your sleeping baby through the metal detector)
    • Travel kid pillows to support Mikko's little neck and great big floppy head as he sleeps on the plane or in the car
    • Portable games and activities for babies through older kids, but particularly for a 3-year-old — like cloth "quiet books," lacing cards, small cloth doll sets, simple magnetic games, I-spy pillow, natural play-dough, and the like
    • CARES Harness (that's very specific, isn't it?) or travel-friendly car seat or car seat accessories (well, ours isn't, and a girl can dream)
    • Ways to make breastfeeding comfortable for moms traveling to show off that new baby, like an inflatable or travel nursing pillow (not for me right now, but I could see it coming in handy!)
    • Ways to make cloth diapering or elimination communication/potty learning easier on the go, whether that's a cool wet bag or cloth changing pad or travel potty or similar
    • Ways to make cosleeping in alternate environments safe and comfortable, like a travel bolster to keep babies from rolling off high hotel beds
    • Travel-themed children's books, such as the airplane books I reviewed. I also think books that require some activity are great, like touch-and-feel books for babies and lift-the-flap or sticker books for toddlers on up. Are you an author who has a book like that? Because I look forward to amusing my child with it on the long flight!
    • Ways to make packing easier for families traveling with kids. This could be children's bags or backpacks, diaper bags, laundry bags, toiletry cases, suitcases, or something fabulous I haven't even thought of.
    • Portable white noise machine or other ways to bring the comforts of home with you and your baby
    • Airplane food, but the good kind! Do you have a delicious and nutritious portable snack or a way to bring one? I'm thinking compact water bottles and reusable baggies or lunch boxes.
I'll test what I can and try to find other test subjects for what I can't. If you have a pitch, feel free to email me: mail {at} HoboMama.com I love Etsy sellers, mom-owned businesses, small-time start-ups — I'm a big fan of the little guy. So just let me know if you have something great! I'm not expecting to find a product in every category listed above; those are just ideas where I could see potential. Let me know if there's an aspect of traveling with kids I forgot!

If you're a company but are not familiar with giveaways: Giveaways help promote a company and its products for just the cost of two products — one for testing and review, and one for giving away. In most cases, the company is also responsible for paying the shipping to the winner. I can't promise to accept all giveaway pitches, because I do want to make sure anything I select is relevant to my readers and supportive of natural parenting practices. I also try to be honest in my reviews and point out both the pros and cons of a product. That said, I don't promote products I have a wholly negative experience with; instead, I would contact you privately and suggest ways the product might be improved.

I also would love guest posts on traveling with kids. If you have tips on packing light, tried-and-true ways to amuse children on long flights, distractions to keep siblings from tussling in the back seat on road trips, recommendations of travel products, or philosophical musings on the easy parts and hard parts of travel when you're breastfeeding, cosleeping, and practicing EC or cloth diapering — well, send them my way! I can't promise to accept every guest post, but I'm willing to work with you on editing if you have a good idea. mail {at} HoboMama.com

As long as I have your attention, I also am accepting advertising on my Hobo Mama blog, in a premium sponsor slot. I have other sections available, too, upon request. Please see my advertising page for my reasonable rates, currently on sale! A clickable button is a great way to show off your company, product, or blog to a steady stream of natural-parenting fans, and I would love to showcase any new sponsors who sign up with a feature article on Hobo Mama Reviews.


Paul, Cristina, Sebastian, Matteo, Luca, and Emilio said...

I always bring a couple play scarfs and safety pins. The kids are thrilled when I make a "tent" for them in the seat and playing hide and seek with them kills lots of time too. Plus they are light and small!!! That's my tip!