Monday, January 4, 2010

Giveaway: Activeion Pro cleaner and sanitizer @ Thanks, Mail Carrier (1.4)

Thanks, Mail Carrier is giving away an Activeion Pro cleaner and sanitizer!

This is the most intriguing cleaning device I've seen! It uses tap water and ionizing technology to clean without chemicals.

Ready for the science lesson? Check it out at Activeion Cleaning Solutions. The water is granted a slight electrical charge and is then oxygenated. All right, I'll admit it — that part I don't fully understand, but I do like this part:

The activated water now attracts dirt like a magnet and lifts it from the surface, enabling it to be easily wiped away.

Since it's just water, it's safe to use around infants and animals, and it can be used on any surface that's safe for regular old H20: counters, stuffed animals, carpets, granite, clothing, plastic toys, toothbrushes, you name it! I bet it would be fun to find all one gazillion uses.

It's an expensive device at $299, but since it's all-purpose, you could save on not buying a bunch of other chemical cleaners. And, of course, if you win it — free is free!

So, enter fast at Thanks, Mail Carrier by Jan. 4.


Xenia said...

Even after using it for quite a while, I have to admit that I really don't understand at all how this thing works. Like you said though, it's fun to find new uses for it!