Friday, October 11, 2013

Organic Catnip Slug review: Get the adult size for your cat!

This is an unsolicited review I left on Amazon that I'm reprinting for you with my affiliate link.

5.0 out of 5 stars Glad I got the adult slug!October 10, 2013
They have these in our local pet store -- I was on the lookout for something catnippy for my drug-loving cat to cuddle, and I nearly bought the Organic Catnip Slug - Baby. But when you go shopping with a six-year-old, you often end up with something you didn't intend to get. My son insisted we get the bigger slug (of course -- bigger is always better when you're 6), and I ended up being so glad about it.

I thought my catnip-addicted kitty would love it the most, but it was actually her sister who adopted it, and she'd never seemed to be into catnip toys before this one. She immediately began to wrestle the slug into submission -- and honestly played with it the entire night long.

My cats are big Maine Coons, and the long size was perfect for "hugging" with both her front and back legs and rolling around with it firmly grasped. So, definitely if you have a bigger cat, I would get the Adult Slug for extra wrassling fun for your kitty.

As another plus, the patterns and colors are really fun, and they've got a quaint homemade look to them. If you're going to have a slug decorating your living room floor, might as well be a cute one, right?
Link to review & Organic Catnip Slug - Adult

These slugs are handmade in Portland — with love — from reclaimed interior design fabrics and are stuffed with premium organic catnip.

They also carry a Baby that's a little over half as long:

And a Slug Family:


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