Saturday, March 19, 2011

FOUR WINNERS: Sacred Rose Organic Herbal Tea

Sacred Rose Tea boxes stackedA big congratulations to the winners of the Sacred Rose Organic Herbal Tea giveaway of Morning Blossom tea — #18, #88, #126, & #214!

Jessica, Shannon, Sarah, & ElizaBeth

Jessica says:
"I'd like to try Inner Peace. I learned that Herbal Teas are ancient holistic remedies utilized by our ancestress lineage."

Shannon says:
"I would love to try Mother Earth Zest."

Sarah says:
"I would love to also try the Inner Peace tea."

ElizaBeth says:
"Dreamtime sound wonderful to me, I’d love any help I can get to have a restful night sleep." winner #18 for Sacred Rose Tea giveaway winner #88 for Sacred Rose Tea giveaway winner #126 for Sacred Rose Tea giveaway winner #214 for Sacred Rose Tea giveaway

This was a joint giveaway with Natural Parents Network, so entries were combined and four winners drawn. Randomly, two winners won from each site.

Sacred Rose offers high-quality, organic, herbal, loose-leaf tea, including the delicious Morning Blossom awarded to our winners. The teas are gorgeous, boxed in chocolate brown with satiny pink bows. Inside, the mixes are clearly top-notch, loose-leaf herbal teas, with identifiable and appetizing dried plants and leaves and a delicious natural fragrance.

Sacred Rose Tea open box of Morning Blossom
Open box of loose-leaf tea, sealed for freshness

Morning Blossom is "an invigorating blend of peppermint, spearmint, rose, ginger and alfalfa that encourages motivation and joyful experiences. On the physical level Morning Blossom assists the respiratory system and metaphysically it opens the Heart Chakra to a reciprocal balance of giving and receiving self, romantic and planetary love."

Sacred Rose Tea Morning Blossom in teacup cup
Morning Blossom in brew

Sacred Rose Tea closeup of Morning Blossom
Closeup of the blossoms in Morning Blossom

If you were not the lucky winners, you can purchase Sacred Rose Organic Herbal Teas directly from the Sacred Rose website: for customers in the USA, for customers in Canada, and for customers in Europe.

A three-ounce box (same size as pictured) costs $18. Shipping to U.S. addresses starts at $7.95 and becomes cheaper per item if multiple boxes are ordered.

Be sure to connect with Sacred Rose Organic Herbal Tea:

Disclosure: Sacred Rose sent me four boxes of tea to review.
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