Saturday, July 17, 2010

I win: Snikiddy Snacks Baked Fries

Part of the "I win!" series of reviews.
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I received a free sample of Snikiddy Baked Fries in the mail, the Cheddar Cheese flavor. A couple things are funny about this:
  1. I couldn't remember why I got them. Did I sign up for a sample somewhere? I know I'm a Facebook fan after entering a giveaway — did everyone get a sample? I mean, I'm not against receiving yummy snacks in the mail uninvited. Seriously, anyone who wants to do so, flood my mailbox. Finally, it occurred to me: I won the giveaway. Too bad I'm simultaneously winning giveaways and losing my memory. Yup, yup, here I am: Jessie's Ramblings: Snikiddy Winners. Thanks, Jessie!
  2. I received two samples, a couple days apart. Both addressed to me, both of the same snack. This also did not distress me in the slightest. I had been sad my first sample had been gobbled up so quickly (by me, although I shared a few morsels with my son and husband because that's the kind of generous person I am). When the second sample arrived, equally unexpectedly, I took it as a sign that I should hoard it away and snarf it all myself after Mikko went to sleep. BUT, does that mean someone else didn't get a prize? Oh, dear. I can't return it, either.

I don't believe there was any particular obligation involved to review the snack, but there's a sticker attached to the bag telling me to thank Snikiddy for sending me the snack (so, to make my mother proud, thank you, Snikiddy!) and to spread the word about Snikiddy snacks, making sure to disclose that I received a free sample. I think we can agree that that issue's well covered.

All right, on to the nitty-gritty!

Pro: These baked fries are gooo-oood. I was surprised. I mean, why should I be? But I was. They're really rich and have a light, crunchy texture that's almost a little flaky. You know Andy Capp fries? I like those, and I like these better.

Pro: They are made from all-natural ingredients, with no trans fats, hydrogenated oils, MSG, or high fructose corn syrup.

Pro: They are somewhat allergen-friendly, though they do contain milk (being cheese flavored and all) and soy, but there is no wheat or nut contamination. They are Kosher.

Pro/Con: They do have a lot of ingredients, which is a strike against them in the Michael Pollan way of not eating food (or food-like products) with more than five ingredients. That said, I know what all the ingredients are. You can find them listed on Snikiddy's site along with the nutrition information.

Pro/Con: They are a processed snack. They are not the most whole-foods thing you could put in your own mouth or that of your children. On the other hand, if you are wanting a chip-like snack, this is a better option than many.

Pro: Snikiddy was started by a mom-and-daughter team.

Pro: Did I mention yum?

I hope I get another mysterious sample, again. For instance, I'd love to try Classic Ketchup, or Parmesan Garlic, or the Mac n' Cheese puffs.

Keep 'em coming, Snikiddy! I might even agree to share with my three-year-old.


You can find Snikiddy at grocery stores like Whole Foods and Metropolitan Market throughout the U.S.enter your zip code on Snikiddy's site to find one near you. You can also buy Snikiddy in packs of 12 on Amazon, where they are eligible for free Super Saver Shipping, or individually or in packs on Snikiddy's online store, where there is 100% free shipping. The list price is $2.79 for a 4.5-ounce bag, though right now there is a $1.00 off auto-coupon for your first online purchase, and you can receive a coupon to download if you sign up for the Snikiddy newsletter.

You can connect with Snikiddy on Facebook and Twitter to find out about giveaways to enter where you can win your own samples. And then forget that you won.

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