Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hobo Mama WINNER: Mini Mei Tai Doll Carrier

A big congratulations to the winner of The Mini Mei Tai doll sling — #72!

G at lin3arossa

"My daughter would use this for Ella Poupella. It's a Waldorf doll I made for my daughter."

Are you intrigued by someone who made a Waldorf doll for her daughter and gave it such an enchanting name? You should be!

Hop on over to lin3arossa's blog
lin3arossa daughter & pants @ daughter & skirt @
How could you not love a kid who poses like this? (Note: She does smile, too. Click over and see the range.)
and see all the amazing sewing she's done — all modeled on her or her über-adorable daughter. You're going to love this kid's expressions. lin3arossa has made such fabulous clothing as:
(Wait, should I be scared about sending something I made to someone so creative and talented? Perhaps!)

If you entered and didn't win — now that you've met lin3arossa, aren't you glad her daughter won? I bet you feel better, don't you, knowing that the Pink Swirly fabric is going to someone so deserving of babywearing cuteness?

Mini Mei Tai doll baby carrier pattern from Hobo MamaAnd don't worry, because you can still make your own Mini Mei Tai — it's easy as getting out scissors and scrap fleece. Check out my full (and I do mean "full") tutorial here.

Speaking of which, I really need to find my sewing machine's power cord. lin3arossa suggested looking in the washing machine or the toy box, because that's where her daughter would have put it. Will do!

Thank you to everyone for entering! Be sure to check my giveaway page for current giveaways when next it's updated. I've got a couple fun ones on the horizon!