Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hobo Mama WINNERS: On-the-Go Inflatable Potty Seat — 5 winners!

I love it when there are multiple winners, because then I can give more of you the good news!

Congratulations to these fine five folks on winning the On-the-Go Inflatable Potty Seat from On-the-Go Inflatables:

  • Mamaloo (#5): Oh, oh, oh! Pick me, pick me, pick me!!!!!!! This looks fantastic! I LOVE the blue potty with the character. It's so cute!
  • Elita (#12): This is awesome! As someone who is potty training my 2-year-old, I've often dreaded the idea of taking him to use a public toilet and we're not even close to leaving the house in only underwear yet! This sounds great, I'd love to win it in blue.
  • Kim (#83): my fave is BLUE!
  • Erma (#105): I like the Blue with a character.
  • Angela G (#163): I would love blue with a character. This is a fantastic idea. I was wondering what I would do when we go on our first vacation and this would be perfect. Thanks!

Please respond to my email requesting your mailing address. Thank you to for the random numbers. I thought it was fun that there were numbers from both early and late entries!

And thank you to everyone for your feedback on the potty seat! I will pass it all along to Michael at On-the-Go Inflatables. Here's my summary of your suggestions, and feel free to add any other points. You would welcome:

  • Pee shield for boy potty seats to contain the sprinkle
  • Canister to help blow up the seat, both for hygiene assuredness and for quick blow-up time for antsy-pantsy, got-to-go toddlers
  • Waterproof wet bag to store the seat when deflated
  • More color choices, both for personal preferences and for parents who have both boys and girls and don't want gender-specific color squabbling 
  • Continuing to offer both the character and no-character options (lots of opinion either way on whether the character would work for individual kids)

But, of course, even the current version is very well-received! We got entries from parents of ECing babes and parents of potty-training toddlers, some of you with multiple tots in the potty-learning stage! And everyone agreed this inflatable seat would be invaluable for pottying while out. So, remember, you can buy your own for $7.99 plus shipping!

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